Bored with Life? – How to Get Out of a Rut

bored with life

Being bored with life is a phenomenon that can happen to anyone. And there is a simple explanation for this: There are too many opportunities out there! 

That might sound stupid to you but let me explain what I mean: Nowadays you can't go anywhere without being "attacked" by media, commercials and brands. Technology is getting more and more advanced and therefore the opportunities are rising. Its just human nature to be constantly afraid that we are missing out on something. 

So where is the problem? Just choose something that you like and start following it with great passion! - Well, if it was that easy you certainly wouldn't have ended up on our website reading these lines. When you are bored with life more questions need to be asked! It can become really tricky to get out of a rut once you are trapped.

We created a list of things that you can do when you are bored in case that's what you were looking for! You can also check out our entire category dedicated to hobbies and activities to get inspired.

Do you already have advanced feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, loss of interest or similar symptoms? Depressions, burnout and psychological stress are serious illnesses which should be treated very carefully.

If you want to consider getting professional help you can find more information at:

Families for Depression Awareness is a national nonprofit organization helping families recognize and cope with depression and bipolar disorder to get people well and prevent suicides.

The Depressions Forum Here you can find a huge community of people facing similar problems. Talking about your problem can be really difficult so using the anonymity of the internet is a huge advantage! 

Anxiety and Depression Association of America: Our mission is to promote the prevention, treatment, and cure of anxiety and mood disorders, OCD, and PTSD through education, practice, and research.

Finding a hobby is not the Problem?
But sometimes, being bored with life has a deeper reason. Is at least one of these points applicable to your situation?

- You can't enjoy activities any more that you used to love?
- You feel stuck in life and its hard to motivate yourself?
- There is too little time in between Work, Job, School and Family?

These are the questions we are focusing on in this Post. You can find more ideas around the topic on how to approach a balanced lifestyle in our category entirely dedicated to Work Life Balance.

How to get out of a rut when you are stuck in life

​Being stuck in a rut is frustrating. It means that you have fallen into some kind of boring behaviour. Your life is not interesting any more and you are desperate to find a solution.  There are numerous reasons that can lead to such situation.

Before we try to find a solution, we have to concentrate on the problem:

  • Problem #1 - Motivation
    You could be stuck in a rut due to a lack of motivation! This generally means that you are having a hard time to choose a hobby or activity to follow with passion. On the other hand there could be plenty of stuff that you are interested in but its simply the non existent motivation that drags you down. In the end you usually end up watching mindless TV or browsing through Facebook, Pinterest or 9Gag and literally waste your time.
  • Problem #2 - Confidence & Comfort Zone
    Are you socially awkward? A lot of people feel lonely and bored because they are missing on human interaction. Maybe you don't like to drink, hate clubs so you find it hard meeting new people. When its not as easy for you to speak to other people or integrate yourself into a new group of friends you might find yourself left out and alone. 
  • Problem #3 - Time and Balance
    One of the main reasons for being stuck in a rut is a problem that is well known from almost everyone: You simply don't have enough time! You have a 40-hour work week, a wife/husband, 2 kids and a dog waiting at home? How are you supposed to even find the time to do something for yourself. Monday - Friday are pretty much the same week by week and the weekends are getting less and less exciting. You are basically more working than living.

In some cases, you are even aware of your problem. You know WHY you are stuck in a rut and simply bored with life.

The second part of this post will hopefully provide a solution for you. If you are bored with life simple changes can have a huge impact on your life. Read through the list and adapt some of the tips to your own life! 

Get checked at a doctor

how to get out of a rut

Have you already considered visiting your house doctor? Even though you might not feel physical pain directly its worth getting checked if your lack of motivation might be caused by some medical issue. Maybe a blood test will show some missing vitamins in your body which was the reason that you could never get up and actually do things. If your body isn't able to work at its full ability how are you supposed to get out of a rut?

Approach a healthy lifestyle

stuck in a rut

Okay, the doctor visit didn't bring any new insights in terms of being bored with life? Even though your blood values look fine doesn't mean its not worth changing your lifestyle a little bit. You will be surprised how much new energy you can set free if you start eating more healthy, start working out or do some other form of exercise that gets out of breath. Check out our category dedicated to Personal Well Being to get some great ideas!

Go for a walk and get fresh air

trapped in life

You spend your 40+ hours work week in an office? But even after you get home, you still have to check up on some emails, prepare something for the next day and then its already time to go to bed. You still need to get a decent amount of sleep every night after all. I know it sounds hard to make time available for simple activities but it is definitely possible! 
Getting fresh air is very important and if you don't have the availability to make time free for it, then you have to rethink your already existent daily schedule:

  • Walk home from the train instead of taking the bus if possible
  • Lunch at work? Go for a 10 minute walk before getting back to your desk
  • Smoking Break? Make a cycle around the office building
  • No smoking break? Still make a cycle around the office building a few times during the day
  • Get groceries by walk if its close by and you don't a lot

... and I am sure there are plenty of other ideas that are easy to adjust and implement into your daily life! Your employer doesn't allow you to go on extra breaks? Just start talking to him. It's 2016 and I am sure if you have a valid reason nowadays people will understand.
Just start with small requests on a trial phase and if your performance increases they have no reason to complain! Why not asking for an extra 10 minutes after lunch to make a small round outside before starting fresh back into work?

Surround yourself with positive people

bored with life

Being always by yourself can't be the solution on a long term. Of course - some people are better off by themselves, I get it. And you might be telling yourself that you don't need anyone as you can handle everything by yourself. Maybe you had to handle everything by yourself and did just fine. Well I am sure that is true but when you look back - do you think it might have been easier with someone by your side?

We tend to assume that no one cares about us and we are alone in the world with our problems. The truth is - we are not! If you are bored with life there is help waiting for you everywhere. All you have to do is reach out!


There is no formula that says the more friends you have the happier you are. Limit yourself to a few good friends can be far more valuable for you. And lets be honest, we all have so called "friends" that basically only hold us back.


The most important thing in the world. Sadly, not everyone has the possibility to still talk to their parents, siblings, grandparents... If you still do, you should not waste your opportunity to talk to your close ones. Maybe its time to get over a pointless fight from years ago?


If you feel alone in the world all you have to do is dive into the internet. Use to power of google to find whatever you need. Join an online community surrounded by people who have similar problems than you. Go on Instagram and search for topics you are interested in. Connect to people from the same kind!

But really, the reaching out is the most important part and that needs to be done by you! Everybody has problems and most of your friends are probably just as busy as you are. If they don't know about your problems they might think everything is okay.

Remember: Its not that they don't care, they might just be unaware!

You don't need a person as a best friend...

life is boring

Aren't pets sometimes just so much better than people? They are always there for you. They don't judge you for anything and they always listen.

When you are bored with life it could be a great life changer to start taking care of a dog, cat or whatever your favourite animal might be. To get an idea of what possibilities you have Animal World is a good starting point for your research.

Stop Procrastinating

how to get out of a rut

Procrastinating usually means that you keep delaying important stuff. Getting things done is just not your thing and you just love to "rather do it tomorrow". Well the truth is, tomorrow you are just as unmotivated, tired and lazy as today. 

You usually find yourself browsing around on Pinterest, Facebook and co for a very long time? Its a famous phenomenon to start off with a video on youtube and the time just keeps running and an hour later you are watching something TOTALLY unrelated to where you originally started from. Don't get me wrong, youtube can be a great resource if you invest your time more efficiently! Just see it as the biggest database of visual tutorials in the world. There is so much to learn...

Since procrastinating often affects important tasks of your life - sooner or later they need to be done! Doing them last minute won't help you. It will just result into bad quality work.
But how do you stop procrastinating? You could start organizing...

Start organizing

trapped in life

The amount of options on how to organize your life are endless! With technology increasing more and more applications and software will be available on the market. To-do-lists and calendar with synchronizing function are literally just one click away. Tablet, Phone, Laptop - you can access all your data all the time from everywhere!

Not so much into technology? No problem! Just get your pen and paper out and start writing your tasks down the old school way.

The only important point is, that you start getting organized to have an overview of your tasks and set deadlines for yourself. 

Set Goals for the future - Start small

work life balance

Are you bored with life and its time for a change? You just don't know where to start? You have to become clear with yourself what you really want.
Just remember: You don't have to reach all your targets tomorrow! This is very important. If you set unrealistic goals and won't reach them you get frustrated! Another good advise is to define your goals a little more specific. Just look at these two examples: 

  • Start eating healthy
    What does that mean? Is it healthy for you to eat one pizza less every months? That would probably be healthier, but if you still eat pizza on 10 other days of the months...
  • Get a gym membership
    ... and keep it in your wallet! Or what is your goal here? Getting a gym membership only changes one part of your life significantly: Your bank account. And maybe you feel a little bit better that you did the first step.
  • Get rid of X Pounds in X weeks
    Here you have 2 specific numbers to fill in for yourself. Numbers are traceable and therefore proof able!
  • Go to the gym X times a week for X hours

For your first step you could be to divide potential goals into three categories:
- Short Term Goals (6 Months - 1 Year)
- Long Term Goals (1 Year - 5 Years)
- Life Goals (Lifetime)

Are you bored with life because of the past?

life is boring

Sometimes the past is holding you back. Do you catch yourself reminiscing about good (or bad) old times? Maybe its time to let the past be the past...

Get your life sorted, try to find out what is important to you and what not. Go through your friends list. Who is supporting you, which one is holding you back? Escape all the negativity surrounding you and try to start over. A clear cut can be the solution to a better lifestyle.

You are responsible for your own happiness

bored with life

In the end.... you are responsible for what happens to you in life! If you don't start to take action - most likely nothing will change! Its time to get up and take your life into your own hands. You only have this one...

If you are still bored with life...

All of the solutions in this post are not applicable to you? You are still bored in life and stuck in a rut?

Remember, every process takes time and this post won't give you an instant healing. We try our best to give you a new inspiration to get you out of the boredom! We have more categories - all dedicated to different approaches on how to improve your lifestyle!

Hobbies & Activities - Have a closer look in here if you are trying to give your life a new push! Find inspiration with new hobby ideas and exciting activities!

Work Life Balance - Try to get a more balanced lifestyle. Besides tips about how to relax your mind and body you will find guidelines on how to combine family, job and your personal interests more easily!

If you have any questions or thoughts please leave a comment below.

You are stuck in your life at some point and need some help?
Get in contact with us and we are happy to advise as good as we can!

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