About Us

Does this sound like you:

Aren't we all complaining about too much stress? You have a job and a family. You just finished dealing with your insurance company while the government is still waiting for that tax money from you and - OH WAIT! - you still have to call your landlord to get that heater fixed before winter kicks in. Workload just never seems to shrink, hours add up and all you are hoping for is the next Friday, the next Summer, the next Vacation.

But as soon as Friday arrives Monday is showing its ugly face already waiting around the corner. The summer is always too short anyway and for some weird reason the clock seems to run a lot faster during vacation time as well.

Is that the life you want to have? What if you could go to bed each and every night - looking forward to the very next day? Wouldn't that be a lot better?

Who We Are & What We Do...

We are a group of people from different nationalities based in various locations around the globe.

All of us are constantly aiming towards the goal to create a better, more enjoyable life for ourselves. We strongly believe life is too short to waste time by doing things you don't like.

The idea behind overboredLife is to create an information based platform for people who are bored with what life has to offer for them or simply need a push into the right direction to improve the quality of their lifestyle.

We want to help you improve your way of living today!

But how are we going to achieve that...?

Being bored with your life comes in different shapes and sizes. There is no basic formula or one-sentence-answer for that and - of course everyone is facing the problem in their own unique way. 

On overboredLife you find a continously growing selection of options on how to get out of a rut.

To help you jump start your new lifestyle we will:

  • Review interesting hobbies and give you all the information you need to get started!
  • Analyse techniques on how to relax your mind and body at home!
  • Present alternative ways of living to get you inspired!
  • Prove the importance of a balanced lifestyle and show you all the Tips & Tricks!

Are you struggling with a specific problem that isn't covered by us yet?
Are you interested in a certain activity or hobby but don't know where to go from here?

Just get in contact with us. If we don't have an answer we will use our contacts and do the research for you!
In case you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions:

Please feel free to leave us a message via contact form.

This website is providing high quality content only. Whenever our team from overboredLife is not the expert within a certain topic you can be sure that all of our articles are very well researched. We do not claim other peoples thoughts as ourselves but instead we are providing links to all of our resources for you to explore by yourself.